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Car crystal steering wheel cover

Car crystal steering wheel cover

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High quality hand-made crystal-shaped bling steering wheel cover. Made from vegan leather. Suitable for 36-38 cm steering wheel

Swarovski crystal steering wheel cover

Applicable models - General: suitable for all cars
Material - Vegan Leather, Swarovski Crystals
Size - D: 38cm, I: 14.96"
Non-slip, stable and wear resistant
Easy to install
This fully crystallized steering wheel keeps you shining and glamorous. Its non-slip, stable and wear resistant materials make it the ultimate accessory for any flashy enthusiast.

Available in 3 styles/colors: purple, black, red 奢华水晶,紫色,红色汽车转向,轮毂盖,妇女女孩,Diamante-Rhinestone,红色汽车覆盖的转向(3) 奢华水晶紫色红色汽车转向轮毂盖女士妇女女孩Diamante Rhinestone汽车覆盖转向

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